Basic Body Lotion

Are you tired of searching for a good body lotion that isn't chock full of strange chemical ingredients? Try making your own!

This lotion is very nourishing, and creates an imperceptible protective layer to hold in your natural moisture. It has a slightly sweet, floral-honey fragrance.


2/3 cup Rose Water (Rosa x damascena)

1/3 cup Aloe Vera Gel (Aloe barbadensis)

2 drops Carrot Seed Essential Oil (Daucus carota)

1/2 teaspoon Vitamin E Oil (Vacuum Distilled, Unrefined, Mixed Tocopherols from Non-GMO Soy)

3/4 cup Cold-pressed Unrefined Avocado Oil (Persea americana)

1/3 cup Cold-pressed Unrefined Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera)

1/4 teaspoon Lanolin (Lanolin anhydrous)

3 Tablespoons Pure, Filtered, Small, Beeswax Beads

Combine the rose water, aloe vera gel, essential oil in a glass measuring cup (something that will be easy to pour from). Set aside.


In a double boiler over low heat combine the avocado oil, coconut oil, lanolin and beeswax … heating just enough to melt.


Pour the melted oils into a blender and let them cool to room temperature. The mixture will be semi-solid and creamy. Be sure that the oils and water are both at the same temperature (room temperature) before you start mixing. Use a ‘candy’ thermometer to ensure the that both mixtures are the same temperature (within a couple of degrees of each other). If you need to warm up the rose water mixture, set the measuring cup in a bath of warm water.


When the oils have cooled, turn the blender on low. I use a VitaMix. Using a slow, thin stream, drizzle about 1/3 a cup of the rose water mixture into the center of the vortex. Have patience, do this slowly and carefully so that the water and oil can emulsify. Set the rose water mixture aside and slowly increase the speed of the blender to the highest setting and let it whip for about 30 seconds and turn off. Scrape down the lotion from the sides of the blender. Repeat the process as often as necessary to incorporate all of the rosewater mixture. As the mixture begins to thicken the sound of the blender will change, and create a characteristic ‘flub-flub-flub’ sound. That is an indication that the mixture is emulsifying properly.


When all of the rose water mixture has been incorporated, and you have done the final 30-second high speed whirl, scrape the lotion into a clean jar(s) of your choice. You can use a chopstick to swirl the top of the cream to give it a ‘finished, professional’ appearance.    

Ingredient Actions:

Rose Water: reduces inflammation, hydrating, softens dry skin, promotes healing, anti-oxidant

Aloe Vera Gel: heals dry skin, heals broken skin, moisturizing, anti-aging; reduces inflammation

Carrot Seed Oil: heals eruptions, tightens skin, rejuvenates skin, promotes cell regeneration, reduces inflammation

Vitamin E: antioxidant, prevents the lotion from going rancid

Avocado Oil: high viscosity, high-oleic content excellent for sensitive skin and dry skin

Coconut Oil: anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antifungal, antioxidant make it a good anti-aging agent; penetrates easily; screens 20% of UV light

Lanolin: high in lipids, easily absorbed, helps increase skin moisture and repair barrier function

Beeswax: wax esters help to bind and emulsify the lotion; helps to retain natural skin moisture

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