Coping With Egotism in Health Care

We have all either directly experienced Egotism in the Health Care System or known someone who has, haven’t we? It takes many forms like arrogance, authoritarianism, condescension, elitism and officiousness or even manipulation by using fear tactics.


The reasons behind WHY it occurs do not really matter, all that matters is that it does occur and when it does we need a strategy for coping with it in a balanced and productive manner.


There will be as many well-adjusted ways to handle medical egotism, as there are personalities. Each person and each situation will require a different approach.


Encountering medical egotism can make the patient feel off balance and trigger strong sensations of anger, resentment, inferiority, foolhardiness, or feeling disrespected. This can naturally prompt the patient to act impulsively in a defensive manner that further feeds the egotism of the health care professional. When this happens it doesn’t benefit either person involved.


My counsel is to allow yourself permission to acknowledge and claim your own power before you set foot in the clinician's office.


Something that has helped me in dealing with these challenging situations is gaining a deeper esoteric understanding of how I am ‘wired’ and what ‘knee-jerk’ responses I am likely to have in difficult circumstances. Astrology really helped me to do this. Yes … astrology, paired with some deep daily ‘tarka’ (aka the spiritual practice of self reflection).


I studied astrology during Kriya Yoga Seminary. My teacher described it to be a science and spiritual art, involving precise mathematical calculations while offering explanations of the paradoxes of existence and revealing our unique, individual personality “recipes”. When relating with other people, it helps to really know yourself, how you tend to think and what types of intelligences are your strengths. {This is NOT divination}


Think about cooking a dish in the kitchen for a moment. Let’s say you have 3 spices to work with: salt, pepper and garlic. The amount of salt, pepper and garlic that you use can radically change how your dish tastes, and the possibilities of flavors are inestimable just using 3 spices.


The planets in your astrological chart are like the spices. When you consider that there are 10 planets, wow, the possibilities for personality expression are infinite. And we haven’t even discussed the signs, houses or aspects that influence the planets.


Truly, each person’s personality is unique and it is each of our own responsibility to figure out how to polish and enhance our own distinctive personality to its best expression. Only you can accomplish this, no one else can do it for you.


Our interactions with other people afford us an opportunity to see the rough edges of our own personalities, these are the rough edges that need to be polished so that we do not cause others pain when our personalities intermingle.


Interfacing with an egotistical health care professional is excellent catalyst for observing our own personalities and learning how to respond in a way that is most harmonious for everyone involved. It is so easy for our feelings to be hurt or to feel indignant when we perceive we are being insulted or belittled. And when this happens it doesn’t serve anyone if we react by lashing out. Knowing your personality traits and innate intelligences affords you an opportunity to respond respectfully, rather than react senselessly.


I will give a quick example using my own natal chart. 


In the recipe that governs how my personality is expressed, my Sun Sign, Moon and Ascendant are all ruled by Mercury, the symbol of communications and mentality. 


The way I am wired, when I am balanced and expressing my best attributes I am articulate, diplomatic and have good judgment. But when I get flustered and I am imbalanced I am indecisive, careless and nervous. When I am confronted with a situation wherein someone challenges my expertise or experience, I tend to want to know what it is that they know that makes them think differently than me. What have they learned, that I do not yet know, that causes them to have the opinion that they have or to choose a particular path of action.


I like to try and understand. And I experience this as a way to keep an open mind.


This approach certainly will not work for everyone. For instance, I recently saw an episode of Dr. Who wherein The Doctor exclaims, “I try NEVER to understand, it’s called an open mind.” I laughed so hard because it is 180 degrees opposite of the way I am wired. Certainly this contradictory approach can work as magically as the Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver for someone who is wired differently than me.


Sometimes I find I must allow myself to let go and not pursue trying to educate my antagonist. Knowing how I am wired, you can imagine how challenging that is for me to do, by nature I am compelled to communicate knowledge. 


As we have all experienced, it is not uncommon to run into a person who knows what they know and does not want to learn anything new. They are closed minded and ridged in their convictions. For me, it is very important to recognize this as soon as possible so that my interactions do not cause unnecessary discomfort.


Like everyone, I often need to remind myself that Life is an Experiment in Experience and there is no one right way to experience anything. It is ok to make mistakes and get tripped up, flustered and tongued tied. It is OK if I occasionally talk a person into a state of glaze-eyed mesmer, or if I neglect an opportunity to instruct someone who is in dire need of re-education. It’s OK.


I will not offer detailed specifics in how to cope with egotism, since there will be such great variety in how each of us communicates; but I will offer some generalities.


The essence of coping with egotism in health care or coping with any individual who’s personality rubs yours the wrong way is to continuously return to the principle of forgiveness … first and foremost for yourself, especially if you do not behave up to your own standards, and secondly for the other party involved.

Love God


Learn how you are wired and work with your strengths. Allow yourself to be accepting of and a little fascinated by other people who have personalities that are especially discordant with your own. We are not clones here; we are all different.


If time is not of the essence, give yourself permission to ask your clinician for more information and more time in which to study and come to an informed decision about your health care options. Allow yourself to seek out information and expertise from varied sources so you are not only being given data that supports a one-sided opinion or approach.


Remember, as much as your health care practitioners have studied the body, each individual body is completely unique. The only person who will know your body intimately is YOU, you are the one living in it. You are the one who’s thoughts and actions have built it. You {and your Creator} will always know your body best.


Try not to dwell too much on the bad experience. Figure out how much of your precious time and brainpower you really want to expend on rehashing the unpleasant experience. Recognize that it happened, and seek out a different health care professional if necessary. 


That’s All Folks!


Many Blessings to You Dear Friends, 

I am happy and honored to be here with you bringing Heaven to Earth. Cheers! Vanessa


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