Navigating the News ~ Using Education & Intuition 

Fake News has been a hot topic of late, and I find this very interesting.


In the realm of health related information, Fake News has been rampant for decades, but it hasn’t really captured the attention of our mass consciousness.


For instance … think about all of the ‘studies’ in the news that support the latest phenomenal pharmaceuticals … and then think for a moment about how many of these miracle cures are recalled 5, 10, 15+ years after their release due to incontrovertible evidence that they cause harm. 


Here is a short list of just a few prescription drugs that were pulled from the market. As you can see, they span a wide range of conditions.


·       Actuane used for acne, on the market for 27 years, recalled for causing birth defects, Irritable Bowel Disease (like Crohn’s) and suicidal tendencies

·       Baycol a statin used for cholesterol reduction, on the market for 3 years and recalled for causing kidney failure and death

·       Bextra a NSAID pain reliever, on the market for 3 years, recalled for causing heart attack, stroke and death.

·       Darvon and Darvocet opioid pain relievers, on the market for 55 years and known to be the cause of over 2,000 reported deaths

·       DES a synthetic estrogen on the market for 31 years and recalled for causing cancer among other complications

·       Lotronex a drug designed to treat IBS and on the market for less than a year because it caused 49 cases of ischemic colitis (stopped the blood supply to the colon) and 5 deaths


It all just makes me think, how much of the information we receive in the media is actually factual and accurate. Aside from health care, how many other realms of expertise are tainted by deceptions? National News, World News, Politics, Business, Technology, Science, Pop Culture, Education, etc.


As Dr. Mercola recently explained “90 percent of U.S. media is controlled by six corporations, making it virtually impossible to get any information that is not consistent with their agenda to maximize their profits.”


So, how do we navigate the world of Fake News, Marketed News, Fabrications and Misrepresentations?


Education and Intuition are the two tools that are readily available to everyone.


Educate yourself as much as possible upon a subject or find someone you trust who is educating him/her-self upon a subject and ask them questions.


Make sure that you are not receiving filtered or marketed data. For instance, allopathic nutritional education is dictated by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (aka American Dietetics Association) that asserts they offer “authoritative information” on diet and nutrition.


In their words “The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is the world's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. The Academy is committed to improving the public's health and advancing the profession of dietetics through research, education and advocacy.” 


Their corporate sponsors at the time I am writing this include: the National Dairy Council, Abbott Nutrition (“a global health care company developing products and technologies that span the breadth of health care”), BENEO-Institute (a “functional ingredient manufacturer” making products out of “sugar beet, rice and wheat”), Splenda Sweeteners (makers of the artificial sweetener sucralose. Studies show that Splenda can contribute to weight gain, reduce the beneficial bacteria population in your gut, increase the pH level in your intestines, and effect an important glycoprotein in your body responsible for crucial functions), Sunsweet Growers (makers of dried fruit and juices which contain high quantities of inflammatory fructose), Campbell Soup Company (whose slogan is “Real food that matters for life’s moments.” How many of you would say that the highly processed ingredients in canned soup are real food?). In the past Kellog’s, Pepsi Co and Coca Cola Co have also been corporate sponsors.


Corporate Sponsorship is how medical doctors and dieticians can end up recommending “healing”, “anti-inflammatory diets” that include highly inflammatory foods such as whole grains, dairy, fruits and artificial sweeteners. In educating yourself about biochemistry and physiology it becomes impossible to resolve that these inflammatory foods could ever be included in a “healing” regenerative diet.


Step One in Navigating the News is to Educate and Inform Yourself with Un-marketed Data.


This leads us to the question of how to recognize marketed data. Aside from trying to ascertain which companies funded the research that is being proffered, recognizing marketed data can become a tricky task to accomplish and one thing that can be helpful is refining your Intuition.


 What is intuition?


Merriam-Webster gives us the following definition:


1:  quick and ready insight

2a :  immediate apprehension or cognition

2b :  knowledge or conviction gained by intuition

2c :  the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference


My yoga preceptor, Goswami Kriyananda, explained intuition this way: “ Spiritual and psychic development is based upon various techniques that allow you to focus your mind and attune it, and at the same time release the balanced energies from the subconscious mind. These balanced energies are called intuitional forces.”


He goes on to explain that these intuitional forces “like all of the other natural forces of life, are always available to humanity. It is simply a matter of becoming aware and harnessing them.”


I really like the way Goswami Kriyananda describes intuition as a skill that is available to everyone and it is something we can cultivate and enhance.


Step Two in Navigating the News is to Develop Your Inuition.


The first step to improving your intuition is quieting the mind and storing life-force energy. As Goswami Kriyananda teaches: “there is a yogic theory which states that the majority of people are unaware of their intuition or their psychic nature simply because their minds are distracted.”


Simplify your life where possible. Every day take some time to sit quietly with absolutely no distractions. Just observe the world around you, or close your eyes and watch your breath as it moves gently through the nostrils. You do not have to learn how to meditate if you do not want to. Give yourself a moment to do nothing but cultivate a sense of inner leisure, no worries, no hurries.


The next step to improving your intuition is to increase prana or life force energy in your physical body. “Prana is contained in the water you drink, the oxygen you breathe, the sunlight you absorb and live in, the food you eat and is the essence of life.” It is the Holy Spirit dwelling in you.


Drink filtered water. Go out in nature and breathe deeply air that is purified by the sun, the trees and moving water. Let the morning sunlight caress your skin. Eat high vibratory foods. Exercise.


If you are interested in more advanced techniques for the absorption and storing of pranic energy, seek out a well-studied Yoga teacher or spiritual practitioner based in the Word of God.


The brain is essential for every aspect of our physiology and cognitive and emotional experiences. And it needs two things to function properly: it needs to be activated and it needs the appropriate biochemical environment. By following these basic guidelines for quieting the mind and storing prana you do two things to improve cognition and discernment: 


1.     you turn down the volume of external and internal chatter so you can figure out what you really think

2.     you nourish your central nervous system 


It is much easier to discern fact from fiction when your brain is functioning optimally and when you have been practicing intuition.


When you read something, and you are not sure whether it is fact or fiction, take a moment to allow the brain to quiet. Do not think about anything in particular. Just breathe. When you feel your mind settle and quiet, ask yourself: is this true? And see what immediately pops into your head. It might be a resounding YES, NO, or even MAYBE. If your intuition tells you MAYBE, then perhaps part of what you have read or heard is true and part is false.


If you cannot come to a confident decision about the subject, talk to someone whose brainpower and intuition you trust and see what they have to say about it. It may take awhile for anyone to untangle the complex webs of deception that are woven in the media.


Many Blessings to You Dear Friends, 

I am happy and honored to be here with you bringing Heaven to Earth. Cheers! Vanessa

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