Why Does Nutritional Balancing Work?

“I’ve done nutritional supplementation before, and it didn’t really help. Can you tell me how your method works? Why am I getting results now that I didn’t get before?  This is amazing to me, and I just want to understand it.”


Wow – so – that’s a complicated question to answer, because the answer has to be addressed on many different levels


Firstly, there is Functional Blood Chemistry.  This is the systematic, rational, scientific approach to identifying what nutrients your cells are asking for.  Blood work provides us with a tangible, concrete, understandable image or picture of your biochemistry.  It is a map of the energetic workings of your cells that anyone and everyone can read.  We can share this information with each other in a form that allows us to track your progress. It really allows me as the practitioner to hone in on what your body is asking for, rather than relying on subjective symptoms.  Often times, biochemistry will begin to change BEFORE your symptoms ease up.  So by tracking the biochemistry we get a much better idea of how well your therapy is working.  Pretty cool, right?  


Second, there is the type of nutrients that I use to satisfy the cells requirements.  I do not recommend synthetic nutrients.  I recommend holistic nutrients.  These are nutrients that come jam-packed with their cofactors. Co-factors are friends or buddies of the nutrients.  They help the cells utilize the nutrients.  Without the co-factors, the nutrients are useless.  Co-factors have the keys that unlock the doors on the cells so that the nutrients can go inside and get to work.  Without the keys, nutrients just fumble around in the hallways, standing outside the doors, never going in.  Finally the janitor comes by and flushes them out as vitamin rich pee J


Also, the supplement companies I work with are ‘energetic’ in their approach to nutrients.  So much so that they use low frequency induction sealing to cap their bottles so that the efficacy of the nutrients is not compromised by high frequency? Yep, high frequency has an effect on matter.  I’m not talking hocus-pocus, this is some real basic science.


Check out Statistical Energy Analysis to get a sense of the way high frequency shortens wavelengths and causes disruption to mass … engineers deal with this all the time in predicting the distribution of vibrational energy in structures.  As a landscape architecture student I learned how energy flows through structure from source to receiver, how things like automotive and railway noise and vibration can affect structures. Well, the same thing happens on a smaller scale when capping a bottle of supplements.  Frequency matters.  Vibration matters.


And that is my third and BIGGEST point.  Everything - absolutely everything - boils down to vibration, frequency, energy.


When I first started practicing nutritional therapy, I used an interactive energetic approach to ascertain needed nutrients.  Again and again and again, clients told me that they felt uncomfortable with the weird energy work.  They just couldn’t rationalize how it could function accurately, but they trusted me so much as a sensible, logical person, and thought of me so highly, they would give it a try.


In itself the ‘skepticism’ those patients entertained actually inhibited the healing process.  And for those of you who know me, I am all about healing.  So anything that is anathema to healing, I am going to circumvent.


You see … healing is a vibration.  Healing is a state of being.  A ‘state of being’ is the ‘condition’ or ‘form’ of something.  Form is mass, mass is energy.  Energy is vibration.



Energy = (mass)(speed of light)2


mass = Energy/(speed of light)2



Shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, worry, anger, skepticism, and doubt are all states of being (energies / vibrations) that inhibit healing.


Healing requires the energy / vibration / frequency of courage, willingness, acceptance, love, peace and joy.


All of us know the experience of ‘feeling’ the verbs I listed above.  All of us know the experience of the ‘vibration’ of those states of being.  Heck, everything you see, hear, feel, taste, and touch is VIBRATION.  You KNOW this.



Even though each and every one of us is an energetic being, living in an energetic world and experiencing energy every day, in every way, many of us are still uncomfortable talking about receiving information in an energetic way that is not perceptible in a concrete, 3-dimensional fashion by the 5 senses.


That is why I switched my nutritional analysis technique from energetic kinesiology to blood chemistry. 


You and I can sit down and look at a piece of paper quantifying many little tidbits of information about your biochemistry.  It is presented in a way that we can both understand.  It is presented in a way that is backed by years of scientific research and THAT is what you crave … security … the security that the information is accurate, sensible, rational.


That’s great … AND consider this:  we each have access to so many other ways of ‘knowing’ that are more accurate than the 5 senses … and we have ways of knowing more than what can be currently displayed as quantifiable data by modern scientific techniques.  


The 5 gross physical senses can be ‘fooled.’  Just think of the classic example of a dog whistle.  Human ears cannot pick up the frequency of the noise that is made by the whistle, but dogs can.  Just because we cannot hear the whistle, doesn’t mean the sound doesn’t exist.  It is the same thing with bacteria, fungus and viruses.  Just because we cannot see these microscopic organisms with our unaided eyes, doesn’t mean they do not exist.


Relying on the 5 physical senses and whatever scientific techniques are currently available is like wearing blinders.  We are limited by the capabilities of those senses, techniques and machines.


In The Body Electric Robert Becker, MD describes his training as a physician.  He makes a really important point:


None of our textbooks could tell us the how and why of healing.  They explained the basics of scientific medicine – anatomy, biochemistry, bacteriology, pathology and physiology – each dealing with one aspect of the human body and its discontents.  Within each subject the body was further subdivided into systems.  The chemistry of muscle and bone, for example, was taught separately from that of the digestive system and nervous systems.  The same approach is used today, for fragmentation is the only way to deal with a complexity that would otherwise be overwhelming.  The strategy works perfectly for understanding spaceships, computers, or other complicated machines, and it’s very useful in biology.  However, it leads to the reductionist assumption that once you understand the parts, you understand the whole.  That approach ultimately fails in the study of living things – hence the widespread demand for an alternative holistic medicine – for life is like no machine humans have ever built: It’s always more than the sum of its parts.”


These are some wise words.  You are more than the sum of your physical parts … and the interesting thing to me is that the “complexities of the human body” are really not so “overwhelming” when you approach them from the big picture – vibration.  Healing, wellness, sickness and disease are all states of being … they are all vibrations.


Even though our world is nothing but energy, many folks are not comfortable talking about using energy to ‘know’ things.  But haven’t you had the experience of ‘just knowing’ something?  It is natural … for EVERYONE!  Essentially, we all come equipped with “extrasensory perception” to work around the limitations of the 5 physical senses and the fragmentary approach of the scientific method.


Extrasensory perception is fascinating … but unless you, as my patient, are willing to exercise your extrasensory skills, and share in the exchange of extrasensory information that I am receiving, then you will not feel SECURE with the information that is being presented, because it won’t seem ‘real’ to you.


And that insecurity will inhibit your healing.


So, this is what I do, that maybe makes my approach to nutritional therapy work a little better for you than it has in the past with a different practitioner:


I work with you rationally with the tools that modern science has available thus far to illustrate the energetic processes in the body.  This way we can get on the same page with our goals and have a way to track your progress.


And, I also utilize every scrap of energetic, claircognizant (clear knowing), clairaudient (clear hearing), clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairsentient (clear feeling), and clairscentist (clear smelling) information that I can to best serve you … I present this information to your energetic mind “telepathically” and your subconscious/unconscious takes it from there, so there is no skin off your ego’s nose and the conscious mind doesn’t have to participate if it doesn’t want to.  


This is what eventually happens: when a patient is ready to address a topic consciously, they will bring it up in conversation and we proceed from there. I use extrasensory perceptions to introduce new thoughts, new concepts, different ways of thinking, or different ways of being that will help the client move from a state of discomfort to comfort.


I do the same thing when I perform massage and bodywork.


This is very Simple – Straightforward – Practical and Effective … and also, Energetic and Vibrational (of course, because everything is energy).


As time passes, more and more scientific ‘discoveries’ are being made that explain what mystics, sages, shamans, and all sorts of healers have known and professed for eons.  There is an energy field that surrounds the human body and you can affect it by what you think, say and do (thought, word and deed). 


In case you are wondering the human electromagnetic field is measurable with an instrument called a SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) magnetometer. 


Now, it is not a stretch for you to acknowledge that your deeds directly affect your body.  That is pretty obvious. You put your hand on a hot stove; it gets burned, after it heals you end up with scar tissue.  Or how about this: you eat processed foods and excessive amounts of sugar all of your life; consequently you develop cavities, Type II diabetes and arteriosclerosis.  This process of physical action and effect is very clear-cut and easy to comprehend.


The next step is to realize that your thoughts and your words also have the same effects on the body that deeds do.


Let this sink in.  Thoughts are energy.  Words are energy. Actions are energy.  Everything is energy.  The difference lies in frequency of vibration.


Think about water … water molecules moving very quickly form steam … water molecules at ‘room temperature’ form a liquid … water molecules that have been frozen form a solid.


Now apply this to thoughts, words and actions.  Actions are merely the solid forms of our thoughts.  Does this make sense?


The energy of thoughts and words is detectable and measureable.  We see the activity of thoughts with electroencephalography (EEG) machines that measure the voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current flows within the neurons of the brain. 


The difference between actions and thoughts or words is that thoughts and words are less ‘dense’ … they do not have as much intensity (mass) as actions, so it does take more time for the effects of thought and word to be seen physically.


Force = (Intensity)(Duration)

Force = (Mass)(Acceleration)


What I am saying is that a thought has less mass, or less intensity, than an action … so the thought must be repeated over a longer duration of time to have the same force as a physical action.  That’s why many people do not notice the effects of their thoughts on their bodies.


Let’s go back to the example of placing the hand on a hot stove.  You get burned, quickly, and you know it.  


What about a person who says: ‘that really burns me up!’ every time he/she gets aggravated about something.  They say this again, and again and again about many different things over the course of many years.  How might that ‘burning up’ eventually manifest in their body?  


Perhaps in some disorder that has to do with the way the body converts or transforms (burns) substances into different forms??? I’m talking about things like digestive conversions, cellular metabolic conversions, or transforming substances into blood, bones, and muscles; how about dehydration, or fevers; cleansing; or hormonal balance that pertains to body temperature.


I trust this is starting to make sense.


Thoughts are nothing but energetic impulses … and our minds are receivers that can tune in to different frequencies … just like a radio can tune in to different radio stations.


We are made of energy. Everything else in the universe is made of energy.  And you can plainly affect your body and the experiences of your life by tuning in to different frequencies … by ‘entertaining’ different thoughts.


From a very basic standpoint you can look at it like this.  What you think, you say. What you say, you do.  


What do most people do when they do not feel good?  They think about how bad they feel.  They talk about how bad they feel.  Consequently, they continue to feel bad.


If you want to heal and feel better … then think about healing and speak about healing so that you will perform the actions that you need to accomplish in order to heal and feel better.




Ha-ha! Easier said than done right!


What happens when a person says they want to get better so they take action and go to a healer; but when the healer says: “you need to do this, that, and the other to get better” … the person thinks “I don’t want to do that!”


This is an example of a cross-purpose occurring.  


Cross-purposes can be major blocks to the healing process.  For instance, with nutritional therapy we can bathe your cells in all of the nutrients they need to function optimally, but if you do not really want to heal, if you do not really want to feel better, you will literally not allow your cells to received 100% of the effect of all of those awesome nutrients.  Your mind is that powerful and it has that great an effect on the body.


That’s where healers like myself come into play.  We will begin to help you acknowledge where you have been generating cross-purposes and gently bring them to your attention so that you can make a conscious decision to deal with them, or not.



I have a patient who has been sick for over 30 years … in and out of the hospital with an autoimmune disorder that has brought this person close to death on several occasions.  In working with me, he came to a really beautiful discovery … he said: “I realize that I have been sick for so long, I don’t actually know how to live if I get better. I’ve never had to hold down a job. What extra responsibilities would be required of me if I get well?  What if I don’t like working every day?  At least I know what to expect from this illness, I know exactly what my life will be like day to day.”


He realized that he had been subconsciously choosing to perpetuate his condition because he was afraid of failure as a ‘normal’ person.


Hey, that is some POWERFUL MEDICINE, don’t you think?!


In summary, the method of nutritional therapy that I practice is really best described as Vibrational Nutrition.  When we work together, I am approaching diet, supplements and lifestyle from an energetic standpoint, whether I say one word to you about energy, frequency and vibration or not.


Peace and Cheers!  

Vanessa Hendley

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