Why Don’t I Feel Well Yet?

“How can someone who is on all these supplements and who exercises and eats correctly still have so many problems and not feel well?”


Good question!


So, there are 3 main contributing factors to this type of scenario:


1.     Chronically low body temperature :: Folks that have a difficult time getting better or feeling well tend to have lower than average 98.6oF body temperatures. Many people with autoimmune conditions have this problem.


Think about it.  Generating a fever is one of our body’s main line defenses.  By elevating body temperature we are able to kill off invading virus and bacteria.  When a person has a low body temperature to start with, it takes a lot more effort to raise body temperature to an effective sterilizing temperature, and sometimes, these folks cannot even generate enough heat to be effective.  This is where, in functional blood chemistry, we see chronic burdens to the immune system in the form of low-grade viral or bacterial loads.  


Having a chronic low-grade viral or bacterial issue to deal with is physically exhausting.  And it also takes away from the body’s ability to work on other forms of healing and regeneration.  So these people have to work very hard just to tread water.  Meaning it is a little more difficult to make headway, and a lot of effort has to be put into just not losing ground … in itself, not losing ground is a HUGE accomplishment.  


The colder the body becomes, the thicker and more syrupy body fluids become.  The more viscous the fluids become, the more difficult it is to move them through the body.  Lymph, which carries our white blood cells, dead cells and fats, becomes stagnant.  The cold, thick lymph cannot flush away cellular debris, contributing to toxic build up. In fact, one of the most common findings in people that have cancer is a low body temperature.


To learn more about the effects of thermal (heat) therapy on core body temperature and improving health check out this link: Infrared Research.

Also consider regular infrared therapy.





2.     Dysbiosis :: An imbalance in gut flora can be a real challenge. 


It is estimated that 75-80% of our immune system resides in our guts.  And the effectiveness of our immune system relies upon the health of our intestines and on the presence of beneficial bacteria.  Normal gut flora provides a major source of energy and nourishment for the cells that line the digestive tract.  Gut epithelium derives 70% of its energy from bacterial activity.


When we are born, it takes 2-3 years for our bodies to culture a full complement of healthy gut bacteria.  We get a lot of assistance with the process from the flora that is present in the placenta and birth canal at the time of birth, and from mother’s milk.  If our mother has an imbalance of flora in the genitourinary tract, we inherit it.  If we are not breast fed as babes, we do not receive important inoculation.  And, if we receive a course of antibiotics during that crucial first 2-3 years of life, we have to start all over again from scratch trying to establish good bacteria in the gut … but without the benefit of inoculation through the birth canal or mother’s milk.  So the process of gaining and maintaining good bacteria becomes more difficult as we get older.


I have worked with people in their 40s and 50s with sterile guts.  It literally takes YEARS of constant and consistent probiotic therapy to repopulate the intestines with beneficial flora.  This is normal. Remember, under good circumstances, when we come into this world it takes 2-3 years to acquire balanced gut flora.  So, why do you think taking probiotics for a few months or a year should solve the issue?


Some contemporary researchers of the human microbiome suggest that even one intensive course of antibiotics during our lifetime can derail our gut bacteria for good, and that it is entirely impossible to fully recover.  Consider that the average American child is given 3 courses of antibiotics in the first 2 years of life.  Consider how many courses of antibiotics you may have had during your life.  


And consider this, it is OK if it is taking what you think is a “long time” to heal.  There could be a lot more going on than you are aware of.  You could have a lot more to repair than you are aware of. Be patient and be consistent with your therapy.


{Do a Web Search for “Microbiome Articles” to learn more about gut bacteria}



3.     Habits of Thought :: Worry is Not Healing.


Every thought that we think has a direct, tangible and powerful effect on the body.


And people who tend to have difficulty healing do have a habit of cultivating stressful thoughts … worry, fear, grief, apathy, guilt, shame and anger.  Healing cannot take place in this type of environment, because these thoughts activate the sympathetic nervous system … the ‘fight or flight’ part of the nervous system.


Detoxification, healing and regeneration take place when the parasympathetic nervous system is activated … that is the part of the nervous system that is in charge of ‘resting and digesting.’


In order to heal the body, it is of utmost importance to learn and practice techniques for calming and healing the mind. It is vital to learn how to respond appropriately in stressful situations, stick up for your needs, change your mind about situations that are inharmonious and enhance your ability to relax.


In order to re-train your brain to think noble thoughts, employ whatever tools resonate with your personality: contemplative prayer, exercise, meditation, yoga, tai chi, receiving regular spa therapy, or hypnotherapy.


It also helps to discover your signature character strengths and utilize them.  You can discover your “signature strengths" by filling out the VIA Survey of Character Strengths at authentic happiness.com choose the “Questionnaires tab” in the center of the page to find the VIA Survey.  You will need to create an account to take the survey; the webpage will lead you through each step.





You might also want to check out some of Brian Johnson’s offerings at optimalliving101.com  I have not seen this 101 program, but I have enjoyed Brian’s Philosopher’s Notes YouTube videos, he does have a video on How to Discover Your Purpose in Less than 5 Seconds that you might want to check out.


Or head on over to MindValleyAcademy and check out their offerings.  Many of my patients find the Silva Life System to be a very helpful, great place to start … that is non-denominational and user friendly … it teaches centering and meditation techniques that are extremely effective.


Another great tool is Omvana.  It is available as an online subscription or as an iPhone and Android App. The following tracks by Steve G. Jones are a good place to start: Stress Relief, Letting Go of Anger, Mastering Forgiveness, and Self Esteem.


So overall, healing is a process that takes time.  And for some people, it takes more time than is expected because of underlying factors that delay or subdue the healing process.


As always,

Many Blessings and Cheers!

Vanessa Hendley


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Love God

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