Do the Negative Elite Want You to be Vegan?

Hello Good People, Oh How I Love You! You send me the most awesome questions to answer. In responding to these questions I learn so much about my own beliefs and myself, as well as expand my knowledge of health and wellness. Thank You So Much for Inspiring and Challenging Me! 


This week I got a doozy of a question, here it is paraphrased: Have the negative elite been manipulating the spiritual tenants that advocate vegetarianism?


Wow, Right?!


In short, my answer is I don’t know. But I can say this with certainty; of course a negatively-minded ruling minority wants the majority to be sick, tired and easy to control. That way the crowd is too depleted to rise up and demand change, even if they muster the ability to recognize they are being manipulated.


The idea of weaponized foods is an easy concept to espouse when we look at the assaults on the human gastrointestinal tracts and nervous systems caused by genetically modified foods, excessively hybridized foods, processed foods, antibiotics, hormones, herbicides and pesticides.


Most health advocates and spiritualists propose vegetarianism/veganism as the answer to these ills. But, is it?


When it comes to the subjects of vegetarianism and veganism, I can get pretty fired up. Why?


Well, have you ever had to advise someone who seriously thinks they are demonic because their body is rejecting the ‘healthy’ diet their spiritual teachings recommend? It is very disturbing.


I have worked with too many clients who have become seriously ill from eating balanced vegetarian/vegan diets. These are not people who have been practicing the classic unbalanced “kids version” of vegetarianism: such as Kraft macaroni and cheese with French fries and ketchup on the side. I’m talking well-educated adults eating truly balanced vegetarian/vegan meals, incorporating plant proteins and avoiding over consumption of carbohydrates.

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Oh, my goodness, the physical and mental pain and misery these sweet souls endured has been heart rending! All because they refused to eat animal protein, for whatever noble reason, be it animal rights or a desire for spiritual enlightenment.


No matter what the reason, the fact remains that they were consciously choosing to do something that caused them pain. Being vegetarian/vegan was the root action causing the varied illnesses their bodies were manifesting. Illnesses such as exhibiting multiple forms of anemia at one time, manifold allergies, severe IBS/IBD (to the point of having to have parts of their colons removed), systemic inflammation, liver congestion, gallbladder dysfunction (to the point of having their gallbladders removed), endocrine disruption including thyroid and anterior pituitary dysfunction, seizures, blood sugar dysregulation, dental caries, bleeding gums, and anorexia. But the worst part has always been the spiritual depression that ensues from feeling inadequate or unworthy when the body becomes so decrepit and seemingly rejects the “spiritually advanced” diet.


It didn’t matter that what they were doing could be perceived as moral or noble; the ultimate outcome was pain, suffering and debilitation of their bodies. The conscientious and judicious application of vegetarianism/veganism was making them sick, weak and impotent physically and spiritually. And, as we all know, the body must be well and strong and healthy in order for the mind to be at ease to focus on uplifting vibration for spiritual growth.


So, let’s look at that first, let’s tackle the subject of spiritual ascension.


Now … as many of you know, I am a Kriya Yoga swami, in the tradition of the Temple of Kriya Yoga. My teacher was Goswami Kriyananda, whose teacher was Sri Shelliji, whose teacher was Paramahansa Yogananda, whose teacher was Sri Yuktashwar, whose teacher was Lahiri Mahasaya, whose teacher was Mahavatar Babaji.

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Goswami Kriyananda hammered it into our eager little minds that if a spiritual teaching does not work for you, then throw it out. I can only imagine that he received the same sage advice from his preceptor and so forth back to the origins of the teachings.


The reason for this advice is two fold. One, each individual is unique and we each require a very specific set of experiences to trigger our own spiritual growth and unfoldment. One meditation may work wonders for one individual, but not resonate with another. One pranayama may work wonders for one individual, but produce an unwanted effect in another. We each have our own unique vibration that must be allowed to reverberate freely with the Love in which it was created. And we each have our own paths of experience that lead us back to the One Love of the Central Sun.


The second reason Goswami Kriyanada recommended throwing out what doesn’t work is that society evolves. In antiquity it was quite suitable and desirable to use the skin of a tiger as one of the layers of your meditation seat. Ideally this would have been a skin of a creature that died of old age and was not killed for the purpose of using its hide. At any rate, tigers are now endangered and it is NOT appropriate or feasible for every yogi on the globe to sit on a tiger skin for meditation. There are far more yogi’s than old tigers on the planet. So the instruction to use a tiger skin as part of the meditation seat needs to be discarded or amended.

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In the same way, spiritual instructions to eat vegetarian/vegan diets need to be critically reviewed. In the time of the sages and rishis there was no such thing as glyphosate. We live in an outrageously toxic world. Our governments purposefully put toxic metals into our municipal waters (fluoride, chlorine), spray them into our skies (barium, nano-aluminum, cadmium, chromium and nickel) and inject them into our bodies (as thimersol and formaldehyde in vaccines). Chemicals and toxic metals are created in the burning of fossil fuels, creation of nuclear power, production of industrial and household chemicals and the inappropriate disposal of waste materials. Herbicides and pesticides are ubiquitous. It is estimated that there are over 85,000 industrial chemicals available for use in the United States alone. None of these things existed in the time that the Yoga Sutras were developed.


In order to detoxify these chemical toxins, and other endogenous chemicals like hormones, our bodies need to perform a specific process called Phase II detoxification. It takes place in the liver. Essentially it takes an oil- soluble chemical or toxin and turns it into a water-soluble substance that can be excreted in the bile or urine. To do this effectively and efficiently the body needs specific amino acids that are found in abundance in ANIMAL PROTEIN, plant sources of many of these essential amino acids are inadequate. Flat out inadequate, this is a scientific fact. This is one of the reasons why I have seen so many vegetarian/vegan clients with liver congestion and gallbladder dysfunction. Their bodies have become deficient in amino acids.


It is a genetic and biochemical fact that many of us simply cannot BE HEALTHY if we do not eat meat. The liver is one organ that exhibits the GREATEST propensity for variability from human to human. We see the most SNP variations (single nucleotide polymorphisms) in how different people’s livers detoxify. Many people exhibit variations in genes for different forms of glutathione metabolism that affect the relative toxicity of different chemicals for the individual and affect the way their bodies can detoxify and eliminate man-made or xenobiotic compounds from the body. These folks tend to have unusual, adverse or opposite reactions to pharmaceuticals … like being given a sedative and becoming outrageously hyperactive.


Simply put, some people are just not made to detoxify all of the chemicals we come in contact WITHOUT animal protein. Many of these people are Rh negative, meaning they have a blood type that has a little (-) negative sign after it (A-, B-, AB-, O-). See the blog post on What is Blood Typing.


This is not a bad thing. It does not mean the individual is less spiritual or less capable of achieving enlightenment or ascension. In fact, I am of the opinion it means something quite special. That these people, when they become enlightened, and HAVE to eat animal protein in order to maintain an optimally functioning meat suit, can serve the GREATEST blessing to the Universe by realizing the dear cost it takes for them to have an embodied experience. They KNOW they must consume consciousness that has taken form in order to maintain their own form. And there is an incredibly powerful, mystical blessing that can be generated by this knowledge. It is a way to generate an enormously influential emanation of pure Love and Gratitude.


Now I am really going to step out on a ledge here and challenge some belief systems. We know that many spiritual practices historically profess vegetarianism. We know that modern governments purposefully disseminate noxious chemicals into the environment and into our bodies. Why do they do this? Is it for the purpose of culling and controlling the herd? Is it simply because they are unethical, lazy, miserly and don’t give a flying fart about polluting the Earth and its denizens? It doesn’t matter WHY it is happening; the fact is that it IS happening.


What we do know is that people who are genuinely interested in transforming their consciousness flock to specific spiritual teachings that historically advocate vegetarianism/veganism. Many of these people, who want to transform our planet into a Heaven on Earth through the vibration of Love, are seriously weakened by the multitude of chemicals in our environments, especially if they subscribe to a vegetarian/vegan diet.


Can you see how a ruling body of negatively oriented people, who want to prevent spiritual awakening, can exert more power over the populace by subduing their greatest adversary? By purposefully polluting the environment with toxic substances they can weaken the spiritually minded, awakened souls. If you are a Warrior of Love and Light, and your body isn’t designed for or adapted to living in toxic soup, then do us all a favor: eat some clean, ethically raised meat, strengthen your body, and in doing so, let the Love-Light rip out of you like a cosmic tsunami.


Ok, conspiracies aside, if you are one of the tender souls who MUST eat animal protein in order to be comfortably embodied, the next choice you need to make is what kind of meat you will eat.


It doesn’t matter if it is bovine, ovine, porcine, poultry or fish. What does matter is how it is raised.


The modern CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) system of mass marketed, antibiotic and hormone-laden livestock is an abhorrent, inhumane and utterly disgusting practice that needs to be stopped. There is no civilized reason for it. Science proves that permaculture, with integrated livestock, is the healthiest way for us to steward the Earth, save the planet and regain balanced ecosystems. Just Google “Permaculture Can Save The World” and read on to your hearts content.


Cheap CAFO meat is as toxic to the body as the pollutants being purposefully spewed into our air, water and soil. It is NOT a suitable way to get your animal protein and it can make you sick and prone to developing cardiovascular disease and cancer.


Find a local source for your meat. Eat pastured livestock that has been lovingly tended, raised with respect and care, and humanely butchered.


Please read my article on High Vibratory Foods for guidance.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I have worked with far more clients who were in dire straits due to eating conventionally raised meats and processed foods. I’m not saying that all vegetarians or vegans are ill or on their way to becoming ill. I am saying that vegetarianism/veganism can be the wrong choice for people with certain genetic predispositions. And if you find that you are one of these people, do not fall into the low vibratory traps of guilt, shame or self-degradation because you need animal protein to be most effective doing good works in the world. Just focus on doing your good works and all will be well.

And a special word to all of those spiritual teachers out there. If you are counseling people to become vegetarian/vegan, please, please, please do not berate them, shame them or make them feel guilty if their bodies reject a vegetarian/vegan diet. So what if higher density beings do not eat meat! Those beings are not embodied in this chemically toxic environment, but that beautiful, magnificent Earthling in front of you is. And if their body cannot cope with the toxins while eating a vegetarian/vegan diet then let them eat meat wisely. If they are sick and weak they cannot experience Joy and Love to the fullest potential. They cannot participate in raising the vibration of mass consciousness as effectively when they are in physical pain. So, think out of the box, step out of your ideals and dogma and focus on the Love. Be Practical, Be Real, Love.

Ok, Wow, that was a heck of a question. I hope the exploration of this topic was at least entertaining if not informative.


Many Blessings to You Beautiful One, 

I am happy and honored to be here with you raising the mass consciousness together. Cheers! Vanessa

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